The canary at the bottom of the mine has sung for the last time for the Liberal Party in the seat of Wentworth, having lost the unlosable seat for the conservatives since federation 117 years ago by a swing in excess of 20 percent.

We can’t blame the Liberal candidate, Dave Sharma, for this loss; it was largely preordained.

Australians don’t like backstabbers.

Sharma’s support for shifting the Australian Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was a doozy and damaged our national interest, very cynically grasped by Prime Minister ‘ScoMo’ for electoral advantage.

It would not be unreasonable if we become ostracized by other Western liberal democracies and the Islamic world for being seen as hanging onto the coattails of the Trump administration.

We are now seen as the number 1 forelock tugger to Trump.

Voters of Wentworth registered a protest vote on behalf of the nation, as a majority of Australians are sick and tired of the revolving door of 5 prime ministers (Rudd/Gillard/Ruud/Abbott/Turnbull) in six years turning us into a banana republic. We should no longer laugh disparagingly at the Italian Republic because they’ve had less turnover of leaders in the last six years!

The Wentworth voters fired a shot across the bows of not only the Liberal Party, but also to the Labor Party, who are just as guilty of fomenting political instability with the overturning of the leadership of Rudd and Gillard governments.

Now the disease seems to have caught hold of the National Party, and someone should tap Barnaby Joyce on the shoulder and tell him he’s on a hiding to nothing, no-one wants a philanderer and a failed husband to lead a political party.

It doesn’t matter if the pig is blue or pink, voters see both the Coalition and Labor politicians with their snouts continually in the trough of government treasury for many decades.

The Liberal Party as we know it is about to get a shellacking at the next general election.

With a margin of less than two percent in the seat of Dickson, Peter Dutton better start handing out his cv to all and sundry, maybe start an au pair business. Good riddance.

If Labor doesn’t read the tea leaves carefully, it may also get a nasty surprise for voters may not necessarily vote for them.

Is Australia ready for a major paradigm shift for its polity?