A Demonstration With a Difference


The Tassie Nannas, Amnesty International and their supporters will be publicly thanking those Tasmanian federal politicians who have taken a principled and public stand in support of the evacuation refugees and asylum seekers from offshore detention.


Andrew Wilkie (Independent), Nick McKim (Greens) and Lisa Singh (Labor) will be the recipients of Thank You awards for their efforts, to be presented on the Parliament House Lawns.


“Too often those who do the right thing are eclipsed by all those who are doing the wrong thing”, said Tassie Nanna, Pauline (Polly) Shelley.


“The Tassie Nannas and other groups have been working for years to raise awareness of the terrible plight of those people who have been held on Manus and Nauru Islands for five years.   We are particularly concerned about the children on Nauru.


During this time some Tasmanian federal members of Parliament have been doing what they can to achieve a humane outcome for refugees.  We feel it is time to acknowledge their work”.


The Tassie Nannas have been publicly knitting every week for three years in an effort to raise awareness of the government’s internment of refugees and asylum seekers on Manus and Nauru.


“The tide of public opinion is turning.  Australians have become aware of the  terrible effect on the health of the refugees, especially the children.  We hope that they will be brought to Australia or sent to New Zealand as soon as possible”, Pauline Shelley said.


The action is part of a national campaign to evacuate the children off Nauru.