• Tasmania’s nurses and teachers lowest paid in the nation
  • Gutwein’s Budget priorities backward
  • Premier Hodgman and Treasurer must listen to their workforce

Premier Hodgman and his Treasurer Peter Gutwein can no longer ignore the groundswell of opposition from nurses and teachers and other frontline workers over the government’s unfair and unreasonable wage deal proposal.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said it was well past time for the Treasurer to start dealing realistically with the public sector and negotiate in good faith instead of continuing to impose his unfair pay rise offer on Tasmania’s almost 24,000 full time public servants.

“Mr Gutwein is not listening to the fact that Tasmanian teachers and nurses are the lowest paid and worst resourced in the country and he is ignoring the fact that the average Tasmanian worker earns $10,000 each year less than the average Australian worker,” Ms White said.

“Mr Gutwein has claimed the Hodgman Liberal Government is making a fair and reasonable wage offer but the fact is it is not fair.

“The proposed offer for public servants including correctional officers, child protection workers and cleaners of two per cent is below Treasury’s forecast for cost of living increases, meaning these workers are being offered a real wage cut.”