“The Greens welcome Labor now joining the chorus of voices calling for Australia to follow other nations like Canada in officially withdrawing from next week’s Saudi-sponsored mega trade and investment event ‘ Davos in the Desert’.

“Today’s news that Saudi Arabia has confirmed journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered when visiting its embassy in Turkey on October 2nd has predictably resulted in fury and international condemnation. If Khashoggi’s death is to mean anything then we must all respond with resolution to this barbarity.

“The explanation provided this morning by Saudi Arabia, that this death was the result of a ‘brawl’ inside the embassy is not credible, and has also rightly met with universal  derision.

“The Greens urge the Australian Government to join Amnesty International’s call for Turkey to request an urgent and independent UN investigation into this sad atrocity and attack on press freedom.

“ Any whitewash of this murderous event would be a travesty, and acceptance of non-credible explanations will only encourage worse behaviour in the future.