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FREE event for teachers and students

Spark Festival 2018, Australia’s largest event for startups, innovators and entrepreneurs is happening across all of NSW from October 19 to November 4. Whether you are getting started or going global, whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, inventor, innovator, student, executive or just plain curious: you will find your spark at Spark! With more than 120 events, many of them free, this grassroots festival is an amazing opportunity to connect and find your place in the exciting world of startups and entrepreneurship.


Young Entrepreneurs Learning in Action

Would you like to experience the evolution of education? This event will showcase entrepreneurship to secondary school students and expose them to the benefits of an entrepreneurial mindset: creativity, strategy, resilience and confidence. These skills will help them achieve success in both careers and in life. 


 Students will:

Hear from three startups who will pitch their ideas and then analyse the pitches and provide peer-to-peer feedback;

Attend a Q&A panel discussion with three entrepreneurs under 25 who started their businesses while they were at school;

Experience a taste of startup.business Entrepreneurial Learning in Action through collaborative brainstorming and developing a business idea; learning to see, think and be like an entrepreneur;

Pitch their idea for the chance to win prizes and a place in the National pitching competition at the Brilliant Business Kids Festival on November 25. 


Teachers will:

Learn about the startup.business in-curriculum Learning in Action programs and how developing an entrepreneurial mindset can equip their students with the necessary soft skills to prepare for work in the 21st century;

Discover how the programs can be integrated across curricula and have the opportunity to plan what the program can look like in their classrooms.


 Thursday October 25

10.00am – 2.00pm

UTS Startups

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