Opening: 6pm, Friday 2 November 2018
Exhibition dates: 3 November 2018 – 24 February 2019
Special Community Event: Saturday 9 February 2019

In Your Words will open at the Devonport Regional Gallery’s new Rooke Street site on Friday 2 November and runs from Saturday 3 November until Sunday 24 February 2019.
In Your Words displays 30 photographs selected by 9 members of different parts the community, alongside photographs from their personal collections, and their stories – which have each been recorded and will be played through the exhibition space.
This exhibition has originated from an idea expressed by community members. Last year, to mark 20 years of Robinson Collection exhibitions, community members came together discuss the value of this collection, and how it could expand its reach into the future. In Your Words is the first of a series of exhibitions with this aim in mind.
In Your Words is part of ‘The Robinson Project’, a series of collaborative curatorial projects involving members of the local community and Curator Erin Wilson. The project aims to broaden access to the Robinson Collection; to allow members of the community to lead the selection and discussion of these photographs.
Curator Erin Wilson said: “There was a recognition that these photographs only tell part of Devonport’s story, only hold so much information, and that those who hold this knowledge are ageing. As such, there has been a desire to capture this information – the stories and memories of those who lived through these times. The community expressed a strong desire for those stories to be recorded and shared with others.”
“As people walk through the exhibition, view the Robinson photographs, and listen to the voices of those who have shared their memories, I hope they are moved by the power of these stories, and see the potential for activating this archive as a site of shared memories, stories and the self-representation of the people of this region.”

The Robinson Collection
The Robinson Collection originates from the Robinson & Son Photographic Studio, operated by Bert and Albert Robinson in Devonport between 1927 and 1975. The collection contains over 100,000 photographic negatives capturing the social, domestic and commercial life of the North West region during the 20th century. The Robinson Collection forms part of the Devonport City Council’s Permanent Collection.