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Call on political and union leaders to back LGBTI teachers

Media Release
Friday October 12th 2018




“Teachers must be employed on the basis of their skill, not their sexuality, if students are to receive the best possible education.”

– Rodney Croome


Equality advocates have called on Scott Morrison, Bill Shorten and union leaders to defend and protect LGBTI teachers working at faith-based schools.


The call comes after Scott Morrison bowed to public pressure and conceded LGBTI students at religious schools should not be discriminated against.


Spokesperson for just.equal, Rodney Croome, said that in recent days national attention had been drawn to the cruel legal exemptions that allow religious schools to reject LGBTI students, but less attention has been paid to discrimination against teachers.


“Since the Ruddock report was leaked, political leaders have decried discrimination against LGBTI kids in religious schools, but discrimination against LGBTI teachers, admin staff and parents is also allowed by the law.”


“Teachers must be employed on the basis of their skill, not their sexuality, if students are to receive the best possible education.”


“We call on Scott Morrison, Bill Shorten, and leaders of the teachers unions, govenment and independent, to condemn discrimination against hard-working teachers and roll back laws that allow this discrimination.”


Last year in Perth teacher Craig Campbell was sacked from his job at a Baptist College after it became known he was gay.


Mr Croome said that the recommendations of the Ruddock inquiry into religious freedom have shocked many Australians, previously unaware that some mainland states allow discrimination against LGBTI students and teachers in taxpayer funded religious schools.


“Public opinion is firmly against any discrimination, whether it is directed at students or teachers, and our political leaders should reflect this strong community view.”


In May this year, just.equal released a Galaxy / You-Gov survey across Australia which found an overwhelming number of Australians are opposed to discrimination against LGBTI people in faith-based schools.


The survey showed that 82% of respondents were opposed to LGBTI students being expelled from religious schools, and 78% opposed teachers being dismissed.

The survey also showed that 78% of people were against schools receiving tax-payer funds if they were discriminatory.

Tasmania is the only state which protects LGBTI teachers, admin staff and parents from discrimination by religious schools.

Mr Croome said, “Tasmanian religious schools operate fine without the ability to sack LGBTI teachers, so there’s no reason for such discrimination to be allowed in other states or federally”.

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  1. Christopher Eastman-Nagle

    October 14, 2018 at 10:11 pm

    The above post needs an addendum, because the ‘voice’ it projects is a rather confused blend of my secular views of the libertarian humanist ascendency and a representation of not only the fundamentalist religious voice here, but the social/religious attitudes of most of the rest of the world outside the orbit of the former Western European colonial emigrations

    My views come out of a neo Marxist view of fantasy driven ‘Indulgence Capitalism’, its deregulatory and privatization drivers, its elimination of boundaries and disciplined restraint and the roll out of a system of market only socialization that has been narrowed to a vanishing point of shop troops and contract drones, who will buy anything when their buttons are pressed….by the proud sponsors.

    The view I am representing as the religious ‘other’ in this conversation is one of loss of confidence in secularism; i.e., its perceived inability to govern itself or bring up its children properly in stable households, bolstered by solid values that are focused on serving a higher power and the value and importance of others over self, and an existentially authoritative certainty about accountability and firmness in following the scriptural guidelines laid down by great deities, prophets/teachers/messiahs.

    And in relation to the latter, the line worldwide is getting much tougher, with questions relating to sex and gender becoming a leitmotif for a determination to abandon and/or destroy secular liberalism altogether, including the good bits.

    This is being reinforced by a much larger re-assessment of libertarian humanist laissez-faireism in both the US and Europe, over issues relating to the privileged insularity and ideological conceit of tertiary trained libertarian regimed apparatchiks within the corporate and social administration of capital, lack of respect for national boundaries or the limits of successful multiculturalism, especially at its working class pointy end, the deregulatory unpicking of ordinary governance self governance and social authority, the privatization of social accountability, a critique of the sexual revolution as a source for a pandemic of malfeasant and irresponsible sexual behaviour…which conspicuously boasts lack of respect for the core function of sex as a means to reproduce the species and lack of progress for the status of women beyond being sexual objects and servants.

    Not only are the libertarians playing with sexual fire, but they do not have the first idea how much danger they are already in, or how close to disaster they really are.

  2. Christopher Eastman-Nagle

    October 13, 2018 at 5:24 pm

    The time is coming when religious institutions are going to have to have to make the tough choices about whether they are prepared to work with secular institutions that have been colonized by indulgence ideology, where for the time being, Satan’s servants and their blind faith in sin have won the political battle for dominance.

    Israel Folau, was merely being honest when he called out sin, only to innocently run afoul of the prejudices of Qantas’s CEO and the liberal media push. He was merely stating what his native community and religious institutions (and most of the rest of the world outside the European colonized world) think. It wouldn’t cross their minds to employ an openly off sexual message exemplar and implicit advocate near children; especially children, whose attitudes are inevitably ‘plastic’ until they have finally made their way into adulthood.

    To allow such a thing within the religious education community would be a breach of their faith and responsible agency as adults. And if they are going to stand up for what they believe, they are going to have to learn to say NO and then wear the persecution that can be brought to bear by secular society when a faith one refuses to conform to its dictates.

    This is bound to end in tears, because even if some of the Christians cave in, it is a near certainty that none of the Islamists will. We may well see Australian faith schools being established in places like New Guinea, Fiji, Malaysia, or Singapore, out of the reach of secular humanists evil doers.

    Social governance in secular society is already starting to collapse, so such a measure may end up being a temporary one, for one or two generations, until the deregulators and privatizers either destroy themselves, and/or, others help them to that joyous end a bit quicker.

    It maybe the only way Australian religious faith based based

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