Advocates for transgender equality say they will seek to address Liberal Party branches about gender issues in the wake of unanimous support for a gender motion at the recent Liberal Party state conference.

On Sunday the Liberal state conference unanimously supported a motion condemning “radical gender ideology” in schools that was put forward by Denison (Clark) delegate, Pat Gartlan.

Transforming Tasmania spokesperson, Martine Delaney, said,

“Research shows that dealing honestly and openly with gender diversity in schools saves lives.”

“That is why the Tasmanian Government already funds programs to help staff and students understand transgender and gender diverse people.”

“We will write to Liberal Party branches and ask to talk to rank and file members about why it is important that schools are fully inclusive of transgender and gender diverse people.”

The Tasmanian Government is currently considering legislation that will provide full equality for transgender, gender diverse and intersex Tasmanians.

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