Glenorchy City Council (GCC) is putting on activities to promote the annual Garage Sale Trail on Friday 19 October starting at 7.30am on the Council lawns.
GCC Community Development Officer – Safer Communities Lisa Rudd said the day will start off with a volunteer’s breakfast to celebrate their hard work, dedication and the positive role models they are within our communities.
“Volunteers in op shops and other areas like Foodbank Tasmania contribute towards a culture of sustainability and also help to increase connections and community participation so it is great opportunity to recognise and acknowledge the work they do.
GCC Youth Development Officer Ally Byrne said the breakfast will be followed with a Glenorchy Op Shop Walking Tour that begins at 10.30am.
“Glenorchy has several quality pre-loved shops and the tour has been organised as part of the Garage Sale Trail and Anti-Poverty Week,” she said.
“This was a great way for community members to shop locally and sustainably and discover or re-discover the large amount of local op shops in Glenorchy CBD area. This also aligns with Anti-Poverty Week showing people how to find affordable clothing and goods.
“When every dollar counts in the household budget, it’s good to know that we are fortunate to have such a large range of quality op shops in the area to purchase clothing and goods. All shops have wonderful staff and volunteers who give their time to the community.
The tour will be hosted by The Overdressed Market Manager Susannah Slatter who will offer personal styling advice to those on the tour.
“Making the most of local op shops is a winning formula – shoppers will find some amazing treasures for a fraction of the original price and the impact for the community and the environment is a positive one. And let’s not forget that wearing a bargain definitely comes with its own level of fashion cred,” she said.
GCC thanks Susannah Slatter and the following Op Shops for their involvement – The Salvation Army Store Glenorchy, Northside Anglican Op Shop (Tolosa Street Bus Mall), ADRA Op Shop Glenorchy, Australian Red Cross Op Shop Glenorchy, Hobart City Mission Op Shop Glenorchy and St Vincent De Paul Glenorchy.