The election in Clarence has been sabotaged by interest groups bemoaning a lack of public consultation in particular with reference to a development on a portion only of the overall Kangaroo Bay Precinct.

The land offered for freehold development comprised 2 parcels the former ferry terminal building (you will recall the ugly green shed) and a weatherboard house (Council owned) and a small amount of the gravelled area used on occasions as an overflow carpark for the Bellerive Yacht Club.

This was a unique situation between State and Local Government where the Crown Land previously leased to the Bellerive Yacht Club became available to the Council from the State Government for the purpose of Private development to provide for the tourism, economic and education needs of the community.

I am hopeful that most of the community is eagerly awaiting this development which should establish our City with a social focus at last.

The remaining precinct at Kangaroo Bay has been developed within an overall Kangaroo Bay enhancement project comprising a number of components addressing recreational, cultural, sporting, commercial and infrastructure needs within the precinct.

Kangaroo Bay Playpark
Kangaroo Bay Parklands
Kangaroo Bay Youth Plaza Skate Park
Kangaroo Bay Sporting Facility
Kangaroo Bay infrastructure, roads, access and parking
Kangaroo Bay public art

So you can see there is a wonderful balance here. The group that opposes this development live over the road and together with a few associates have banded together to denigrate Council unfairly.

I can’t blame them being unhappy but … is this the way of the future – the interests of a few are paramount over the majority benefit.

I would like to think that the majority of the community are more than satisfied with Council’s performance over the past four years we have been the quiet achievers going about our business progressing infrastructure and services for the Community to become a most liveable City with a Council recognised on the World Stage for its Age Friendly Status.

I regularly hear praise about how our City being so lively and the pursuit of activities so diverse.

In relation to Kangaroo Bay I am not sure what activities would be lost as a result of the hotel and school development, the concept has embraced the provision of foreshore walking and cycling tracks which formalises connectivity for the overall vast area of open space.

This development will open the foreshore to public land that previously had been prevented by the presence of the old green shed. The proposal ensures better access to the foreshore and the continuation of the foreshore multi-use pathway encouraging active and passive recreation of which the hotel will not inhibit usage.

This land has not been taken away from the community; it is being developed for all to relish and enjoy.

I am annoyed at headlines that have stated “There’s something rotten in Clarence” and the accusation that Clarence City Council is nothing more than a property developer.

Take a look around and see all the marvellous work that has been achieved over the 4 years and I know that this Council has been one of the most active and progressive. And I resent our value being taken away at Election time.

I suggest that these interest Groups become engaged with Council rather than be antagonistic, keep to the facts, keep abreast via the Council website and when Morris Nunn Architects and the Developer want to meet with you – you engage!