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 Publication Date:  12 September 2018

Title: World Peace

Author: James Charles Hearn 

The death of a close friend who went off to war and never returned spurred author James Hearn’s quest to understand the dark side of human nature and combat it with a formula for lasting world peace.

The author grew up on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula in the rural town of Moorooduc. He was 14 at the outbreak of World War Two; however, it wasn’t until he was a Royal Australian Air Force wireless operator in England, in 1945, he learnt of his best friend’s death. “Terribly saddened and heartbroken” by his personal loss and the senseless loss of so many other lives, his immediate thought was “mankind is not stupid; there has to be an answer to war.”

A thinker with a spiritual side, James then embarked on a journey of reading widely and consulting others with similar interests, alongside his daily occupation as a builder and life with wife Ann and their three children. It took 34 years, but in 1979 the author says he believed he had found the answers — or at least most of them — to his many questions, thus enabling him to develop his formula for world peace.

For the next two decades he devoted his energies to sharing his research and ideas with the wider public, as a prolific letter writer to local and city newspapers. More than one hundred of his letters were published during this period and a selection is included in the book. He states proudly that one editor published almost all his letters.

World Peace is partly a compendium of ideas and strategies for achieving global peace as well as a memoir and travelogue. For those with a historical bent it gives interesting insights into the latter stages of the war and the very different experiences of those, such as the author, who although trained and ready to serve, ultimately were not required to do so. The author’s account of his childhood and schooling also give interesting glimpses into life in pre-war Australia. Similarly, his return to civilian life in Australia, with Ann, whom he met while posted in England, provides an interesting overview of the post-war years and way of life during that period. The author’s penchant for travel and experiencing different cultures also shines through when the family embarks on an extended “holiday of a lifetime” in the UK and Europe.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a guide on how to approach and live life, reading World Peace could be a good place to start.

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 About the Author

The author is a ninety-three year old World War II veteran who lost a close friend during the war and said to himself, ‘Man is not stupid, there has to be an answer to war’.