A Pint of History is a public history event held once a month at Shambles Brewery in Hobart. Each event has a broad theme, with three speakers interpreting it to bring a well-researched and engaging historical talk to an audience of 70-90 people. A strict time limit of ten minutes is enforced, and the talks are followed by questions from the audience, as well as a raffle. The atmosphere is kept informal, and our audience has a number of regular attendees. We aim to create panels that mix academic fields and backgrounds, including graduate students, professors, heritage professionals, and passionate hobbyists.

A Pint of History is organised by a team. We meet two to three times a year to brainstorm upcoming speaker and topic ideas. Each team member brings different skills, but we are reliant on everyone having:
Enthusiasm for history (any periods, places or themes)
Networks & contacts within academic, heritage, or other useful circles
A friendly, supportive, collegial manner

Currently, we take turns to organise each event, with the responsibilities of that month’s organiser including:
Contacting and organising speakers
Preparing marketing blurbs
Overseeing and MC-ing the event.

The time requirements are:
Everyone: 2.5 hours for the night of event, time for meetings throughout the year.
Event organiser: five to ten hours for each event, about three times a year.

Areas of interest for expanding the team:
Developing podcasts from our events
Being more organised with social media
Expanding our speaker pool

Does this sound like something you want to get involved with?

You might have all the skills we’re looking for, or a completely different set we don’t know we’re missing. Tell us about yourself. Points to cover include:
Your background and current work
Any experience in event organising / managing
Special skills you could contribute.
We want to work with the strengths of all our team members, so if you’re interested but not sure about MC-ing (or some other aspect), you might still make a great team member!

Tell us why you’d like to join the team (one page maximum) by Friday 9 November.

Applications and queries can be sent to pintofhistory@gmail.com