To be launched by Professor Rufus Black, Vice Chancellor
of the University of Tasmania
Venue: Central Gallery, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Island Story: Tasmania in Object and Text,
edited by Ralph Crane and Danielle Wood

A handsome full-colour book pairing unique items from the Tasmanian
Museum and Art Gallery with selections of original writing about the
southern island.

Indigenous dispossession, a cruel penal history, gay-rights battles;
exceptional landscapes, unusual wildlife, environmental activism; colonial
architecture, arts and crafts, a thriving creative scene—all are part of
the story of Tasmania. And they find their expression in the unparalleled
collection of Hobart’s TMAG.

In Island Story, Ralph Crane and Danielle Wood select almost sixty
representative TMAG objects: from shell necklaces to a convict cowl,
colonial scrimshaw to a thylacine pincushion, contemporary photography
to a film star’s travelling case. Each is matched to texts old and new, by
writers as diverse as Anthony Trollope, Marie Bjelke-Petersen, Helene
Chung, Jim Everett, Heather Rose and Ben Walter.

This is the perfect gift for anyone interested in the island everyone is
talking about.