• Gutwein’s wage offer out of step with economic reality
• Treasurer in self-declared ‘golden age’ but can’t afford to pay workforce properly
• Gutwein’s own estimates have CPI rising by more than 2% wage offer
Today’s wage price index figures show that Peter Gutwein’s offer to Tasmania’s hard-working public sector workers is well and truly out of step with economic reality.
“Tasmanian workers are the lowest paid in the country*,” Labor Leader Rebecca White said.
“The average Tasmanian worker earns around $200 per week less (or $10,000 per year) than the average Australian worker.
“We have a serious wages problem here in Tasmania.
“The Treasurer can’t have it both ways. He can’t on one hand say it’s a ‘golden age’ and on the other say he can’t afford to pay his workforce properly.
“Mr Gutwein’s budget has benefited from massive increases in Federal Government payments with total revenue increasing by almost $3 billion over his first four years at Treasurer.
“The Treasurer needs to urgently change his approach. He needs to bargain in good faith with our public sector workers.”
* http://www.treasury.tas.gov.au/Documents/Average-Weekly-Earnings.pdf
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader