TOP Canadian Educator Debbie Pushor & Tasmania’s Local Tasmanian Experts on Education and Community Engagement.
The TASSO 2018 State Conference will see Representatives from State Schools all around Tasmania converging on Blundstone Arena this Saturday the 25th August 8.30am to hear some of the best Educators internationally and locally Speak.
The theme of this year’s Conference is “Engaging The 3’s Community, Caring, Communication “.
One of the world’s best education speakers, Professor Debbie Pushor from Canada, will speak about Parent Engagement, School Landscapes and Curriculum.
Other great speakers include – Katrina Beams, EO Office Of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification (TASC ).
Katrina will cover the office of TASC and it’s functions, the Tasmanian Certificate of Education, TCE and other TASC qualifications what you and your child need to know. 2018 and beyond current and future initiatives for education in Years 11&12
Professor Sue Kilpatrick & Gemma Burns from UTAS; Facilitating School Parent Community Partnerships.
Annie Whitehead – Connect4Life – Community Breaking Down Stigma and Discrimination.
Incoming new TASSO President Nigel Jones Said the last 12 months has been a very busy time in education. The further rollout of the new Education Act, new school policies and improvements to the Curriculum, the roll out of year 11&12, massive infrastructure spending, further consultation on a new disability funding model and disability transport with still a lot more to do relating to more resources in schools .
TASSO has been working with The Department of Education, the Minister for Education, Parents and all relevant stakeholders to work as a team for better educational outcomes for students .

Nigel Jones, TASSO