Hi Guys,

we are currently running an appeal to raise funds for the fuel for the trucks to take the feed to the farmers caught in this devastating drought.

If we could just get $2.00 for every Tasmanian that would generate over $1,000,000 towards the fuel bill,
and would help us lobby fuel companies to either match us dollar for dollar or give us a reduced or wholesale price for the fuel.

I understand that some transport providers have been paying for the fuel themselves, and while this is honourable, it’s not sustainable.

It is our firm belief that the Australian Government should be picking up the fuel bill, but we can’t sit and wait, our farmers are in desperate need.

We hope that you may be able to help us get the word out to the Tasmanian people,

Best Regards,

Rob Newitt
T4T-Tasmanians 4 Tasmania
Rob Newitt T4T-Tasmanians 4 Tasmania