• 1400 more people are unemployed
• Highest unemployment rate in the nation
• Tasmania has the lowest wages in the country
New data released today shows Tasmanian workers are the lowest paid in the nation and 1400 people have been added to the unemployment list in the last 12 months.
Tasmania’s unemployment rate is the highest in the nation at 6.2%.
“Peter Gutwein says Tasmania is in a golden age. It is not a golden age for Tasmania’s low-paid workers and unemployed,” Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said.
“The average Tasmanian worker receives $200 less than their mainland counterpart every week. That’s over $10,000 per year.
“Tasmanians are facing massive increases in the cost of housing, groceries and other essentials. They can’t get into see a doctor and our healthcare system is broken.
“Mr Gutwein’s budget has benefited from massive increases in Federal Government payments with total revenue increasing by almost $3 billion over his first four years as Treasurer.
“Tasmania continues to benefit from a low Australian dollar and enhanced conditions for our export-orientated economy. Even with those favourable conditions, Peter Gutwein has failed where it really matters: jobs and wages.”
Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer