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A judge says he does not have power to order any new or further tests being requested in the continuing Susan Neill-Fraser murder conviction appeal.

Convicted killer Susan Neill-Fraser returned to court today in her bid for a last chance appeal to have her conviction overturned.

Neill-Fraser is serving a 23-year jail sentence for the murder of her partner, Hobart radiation physicist Bob Chappell, on board their yacht, which was moored off the Hobart suburb of Sandy Bay on Australia Day in 2009.

His body has never been found.

Neill-Fraser maintains her innocence, but her previous attempts to have her conviction overturned have failed.

Lawyers for Neill-Fraser have now asked for rags found on the yacht where her partner was murdered to be tested for DNA.

The rags, which were described in court as “vomit rags”, were never tested by police.

The court heard on Wednesday that the DPP wrote to Neill Fraser’s lawyers months ago asking if they wanted anything tested.

The DPP said Neill Fraser’s legal team sent back a list two weeks ago of “many items”, some of which they wanted tested for the first time.

The court was told there was no explanation of how the testing requested linked to Neill-Fraser’s grounds of appeal …

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