Ted Cutlan from ROCC will be presenting a submission to the Parks and Recreation Committee tonight starting at 5.00pm.

The Mount Wellington Cableway Company has asked for a permit to carry out investigative works for a new road and in so doing is setting the agenda for the Council.

“Normal process for any private development on council land is that a request for landowner consent be lodged first. We therefore believe that the council must reject the current request for a permit,” said Ted Cutlan, spokesperson for ROCC.

“This is the first time in the five years since the proposal was launched that the Council has had an opportunity to represent the community and have its say on the cable car. The State Government removed that right with the Cable Car Facilitation Act within Wellington Park.

CUB recently refused landowner consent to its Cascade Brewery land saying;

‘CUB was not satisfied that MWCC had been successful in winning broad support from the community for its proposed cable car’

“There are numerous major concerns about the proposed private road including damage to the Tip Top Track and impacts on threatened species but these should all be addressed as part of the broader issue of landowner consent.

A piecemeal process dictated by the proponent is not acceptable and does not conform to the promised ‘proper processes’.
Ted Cutlan Spokesperson for Residents Opposed to the Cable Car