BirdLife Tasmania today slammed the State Government’s proposal to allow
recreational shooters access to the State’s National Parks and World Heritage

“Our precious National Parks were established to protect Tasmania’s
remarkable flora and fauna” BirdLife Tasmania’s Convenor, Dr Eric Woehler
said today. “In many cases, these Parks hold species found nowhere else in
the world” he added.

“Rather than protecting our precious biodiversity, our Critically Endangered
wildlife, our unique and special species, the Tasmanian Government is
allowing recreational shooters access to these most precious areas.”

“We have seen the indiscriminate shooting of protected species by duck
shooters during the annual carnage that is the Duck Season in Tasmania, with
many protected species such as swans, herons, egrets and other waterbirds
shot indiscriminately” Dr Woehler added.

“What’s to stop these same recreational shooters taking pot shots at our
precious wildlife when they are hunting in our reserves?” Dr Woehler asked.
“The evidence and experience from our annual duck season over many years
clearly and unambiguously demonstrates the massive risk to our wildlife from
this indefensible proposal” Dr Woehler noted with concern.

“Our precious National Parks and World Heritage Areas are refugia to our
wildlife from the threats facing our flora and fauna elsewhere in Tasmania.
Allowing recreational shooters’ access to these areas is a recipe for disaster,
and utterly inconsistent with the ‘clean green’ message that draws more than
a million visitors to Tasmania annually” Dr Woehler concluded.
Dr Eric Woehler Convenor, BirdLife Tasmania