I welcome the passing of the Police Offences Amendment (Prohibited Insignia) Bill 2018 through second and third reading stages in the lower house.
We took this legislation to the election as the first part of our Plan to keep the community safe from organised crime.
This Bill was a clear chance for Labor to drop their soft-on-crime approach, which saw them vote against tougher sentences for child sex offenders.
Unfortunately, they blew it, siding with organised crime gangs to splash their opposition to the Bill all over newspapers last week, and today trying to force the Bill to be withdrawn – exactly what Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs would want to happen.
As with every piece of legislation that goes through Parliament, Labor had the opportunity to put forward sensible amendments for debate and they chose not to do so.
Not only did Labor confirm today that they are soft on crime, but they have been caught out shamefully playing politics with this important legislation and people’s lives.
Everyone else in the house could see exactly what Labor was playing at and the public will be rightfully disgusted at their behaviour and their attempt to delay this vital legislation. Even the Greens saw straight through it and voted against this tactic to frustrate the Bill.
We will of course engage with Legislative Council members ahead of debate in that house and consider in good faith any sensible suggestions which do not alter the intent of the Bill or compromise its effectiveness.
In the meantime, Shane Broad and Ms White have some very serious explaining to do about why they would put short-term political games ahead of protecting the community.

Michael Ferguson, Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management