The Albert Hall lease under consideration is for a continuation of the current group which is TLA Catering. [The] understanding is that the lease was due for renewal in April.

However, just like the Blue Cafe, Rowing Club, Bowling Club etc, this did not happen. Strange coincidence that all these properties are in some way linked to the proposed stupidity of the UTAS relocation – although one could reasonably argue “What isn’t linked to it?”– with this compromised Council.

Rumours around City Hall suggest that negotiations have been going on for quite some time between Council and TLA and if all things were fair, and integrity and justice were part of the modus operandi of the LCC, then TLA should simply expect not only to renew the lease but also that it should be a lengthy one in order to allow them to conduct business with certainty as bookings for the Hall logically need to be in place years ahead of the actual events.

The alternative scenario, if this Council deals with TLA as they do to all but the favoured few around town – and one must remain highly suspicious because of the time delay and the secrecy involved with a “closed door decision” – then TLA will either be shafted altogether or they will only be given a short lease which will fit in with the much discussed plans by UTAS to take over Albert Hall in its voracious grab of property around town, thanks to the “generosity” of Council with the ratepayers land.


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