The new labelling laws which came into effect on July 1st, on packets of meat denoting the percentage of Australian content in the product, does absolutely nothing to inform the consumer the meat is Australian home grown and produced.

Just what is wrong with those in parliament today, it does not matter if they are Nationals, Green, Liberal or Labor, they continue to ignore our honest and hardworking Aussie Farmers.

SFFP calls for clearer labelling, ensuring consumers can buy with confidence they know where the meat actually comes from.

Consumers are rightly concerned about how their meat is grown and the standards used to process. Surely those in governments should be making it easier for consumers to know they are buying Aussie meat, from Aussie farmers. We all know that farmers produce quality meat, with high regard for animal welfare and standards and they deserve our support and respect.
Ken Orr, Vice Chair Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party