Malcolm, you just lost the Senate
“Revelations that the Prime Minister has dumped plans to legislate the 26 – 28 per cent emission reduction target for the NEG could kill it altogether as the support he had in the Senate will likely dry up, including Centre Alliance’s,” said Centre Alliance Environment and Energy Spokesperson, Senator Rex Patrick.
“While Centre Alliance had signalled conditional support of the NEG, it cannot do that now that the Paris targets have been abandoned. With some knowledge of the current sentiment of the crossbench, I just can’t see the Government getting the numbers to get any necessary legislation through the Upper House,” said Rex.
The ’emission guarantee’ was a key pillar the NEG was based around, another being a ‘reliability guarantee’. Abandoning the ’emission guarantee’ element of the NEG will see it left in tatters.
“The NEG must address emissions, dispatchability and price, as promised from the outset and reaffirmed just last week by the PM. The NEG is about providing long term stability to energy policy and what we’ve seen, before the legislation is even introduced is instability and a capitulation to the ultra right members of the backbench,” said Member for Mayo, Rebekha Sharkie MP.”
“We want to work with the Government on this but this isn’t a case of just moving the goal posts, it’s removing them completely.”
“The PM appears to have capitulated in response to pressure on his leadership, I guess he’ll stay in his current role until the next election. After that, I’m not so sure the public will entertain that idea,” said Rex.
“The NEG must set the Paris targets as a minimum emission standard and any increases to the target must be made with Parliamentary approval – i.e. at the very least by a disallowable instrument.”
Centre Alliance will discuss this sudden development in the coming days.
Centre Alliance Environment and Energy Spokesperson, Senator Rex Patrick