The Tasmanian Theatre Company’s new play …

How do young Australians deal with the deluge of information and exposure to violence, bullying, selfworth
and cultural identity? From where do they get their information and who should they believe?

What happens when a collective decision is made to rise up and do something about injustice?

The Tasmanian Theatre Company’s Uprising explores the nature of contemporary protest in Australia.

Inspired by real events and written by two of Australia’s most prolific playwrights, Patricia Cornelius and
Melissa Reeves, this work is bold, raw, fragile and reflective of the world around us.

With a cast of eleven emerging performers these complementary plays by two of Australia’s most
respected playwrights will amuse and discomfort audiences as only great drama can do.

The Tasmanian Theatre Company have selected an outstanding group of emerging performers in
Hobart for this powerful and engaging performance. Performing alongside rising star, Katie Robertson,
also about to feature in season 3 of Rosehaven, this ensemble cast bring a high level of skills and
intelligence under the capable direction of Christine Best.

“The Uprising company are a joy to work with as they are not afraid to take risks and develop new
theatrical concepts. I am looking forward to sharing our ideas with an audience.”

– Christine Best, director
Debuting at Melbourne’s Malthouse Theatre in 2016, Uprising is an exploration of reactions to
contemporary issues by young Australians in a powerful, reflective context which puts the spotlight on
the thinking, actions and consciousness of the next generation.
“It is stimulating to be directing texts by Patricia Cornelius and Melissa Reeves. These writers are
not afraid to discuss gender, politics and identity. The scripts demand that the actors leap from
realism into non-naturalism and physical theatre.”

– Christine Best, director
Don’t miss your chance to see this talented cast of emerging performers as they explore both personal
and political rebellion and the place of protests are in modern society.

New Australian theatre, celebrating anarchy, anger and taking action! Uprising opens at the Moonah Arts
Centre on 19th September and runs until 29th September.

Bookings at or Centertainment (6234 5998).
Kath Chapman, Marketing Manager, Tasmanian Theatre Company