All staff employed by Ministers and Members whether Liberal, Labor or Green, have the same contracts, and the same entitlements under their contracts.
Payment of entitlements for staff who do not receive a new contract after an election is calculated and processed by the Department of Premier and Cabinet.
The Secretary of DPAC has confirmed again today that entitlements for staff not renewed after the election were correctly calculated.
As I said in Budget Estimates, Ms Haley received only the entitlements under her contract, which was not renewed.
I have repeatedly said that Ms Haley’s behaviour was unacceptable. Her actions cost her the opportunity to continue in her employment with the Government.
It’s also important to point out the hypocrisy of the Labor Party given the staff entitlements system is the same one that Labor operated under.
Do they classify entitlements paid to eight Labor and Green staff after the March election or 72 former Labor staffers after the 2014 election as ‘golden handshakes’?

Will Hodgman, Premier