• Michael Ferguson’s long-awaited attempted defence doesn’t add up
• Independent investigation still needed to find full extent of the cover up
• Ferguson needs to admit his wrong-doing and resign
Michael Ferguson’s attempt today to weasel out of his role in the Cricket Australia sacking scandal provides even more compelling reasons for the need for a fully independent investigation.
Shadow Health Minister Sarah Lovell said Mr Ferguson had admitted to his conversations with Cricket Tasmania management about former employee Angela Williamson but his claims that they involved facts on the public record did not wash.
“The tweet Michael Ferguson is relying on does not disclose that Ms Williamson had an abortion – Michael Ferguson has today admitted that he discussed Ms Williamson’s personal medical information and the fact that the Health Minister thinks that is appropriate is an absolute disgrace,” Ms Lovell said.
“Michael Ferguson’s cynical strategic attempt to explain himself today, almost three weeks since allegations were first raised – and on the day Ms Williamson’s case goes before the Fair Work Commission – is appalling.
“He has gone from repeatedly saying he cannot comment on legal proceedings to today providing a lengthy commentary on the same day a legal case is being held – and his attempted explanation just doesn’t hold water.
“Tasmanians are rightfully outraged about this and Labor will continue to demand an independent investigation into this disgraceful government cover up.
“Regardless, Michael Ferguson should admit his wrong-doing, apologise and resign.”
Sarah Lovell MLC Shadow Minister for Health