• Ferguson twice refuses to say whether he gave personal medical information to Cricket Tasmania
• Independent inquiry only way to get to the truth
Serious questions about Health Minister Michael Ferguson’s role in the Cricket Australia sacking scandal remain unanswered.
Deputy Labor Leader Michelle O’Byrne said it became clearer each day that the only way the full truth would be uncovered was for the Premier to finally stage a fully independent investigation into his Health Minister’s and his government’s involvement in the Angela Williamson matter.
“Now that we know that Michael Ferguson discussed Ms Williamson’s termination with her employer at Cricket Tasmania prior to her dismissal – because he has admitted he did – we need to understand why,” Ms O’Byrne said.
“What right did Michael Ferguson think he had to disclose very personal, very private medical information?
“What motive did he have for sharing personal and private medical information?
“Michael Ferguson failed to adequately questions in Parliament today.
“Twice today he refused to say whether Cricket Tasmania bosses learned about Ms Williamson’s termination from him.
“It’s time for Premier Hodgman to stop protecting him and establish an independent inquiry which would compel the government to share the truth with Tasmanians.”
Michelle O’Byrne MP Deputy Labor Leader