• Abetz claims victory in destroying his own party’s position on National Energy Guarantee
• Premier Hodgman and Minister Barnett left humiliated by betrayal
Tasmanian Liberal Party Senator and factional warlord Eric Abetz has today destroyed the Tasmanian government’s position on the National Energy Guarantee (NEG).
Senator Abetz has this morning claimed victory in destroying Malcolm Turnbull’s NEG, the same policy that the Hodgman Government enthusiastically signed up to only 10 days ago.
The Hodgman Government had been the strongest state supporter of the NEG, calling it the key to building its business case for a second Bass Strait interconnector and the pumped Hydro projects.
“The NEG is good for Tasmanian jobs and puts more downward pressure on power prices.”
– Minister Guy Barnett, 10 August
“This important step (NEG progress) continues to build the case for increased interconnection and Tasmania’s position as the battery of the nation delivering clean, reliable and affordable electricity to Tasmanians and the nation.”
– Minister Guy Barnett, 10 August
“This is not the time for politics. We have the opportunity to reduce power bills across Australia and to create thousands of jobs and billions in investment in Tasmania alone.”
– Treasurer Peter Gutwein, 14 August
Shadow Energy Minister David O’Byrne said Premier Hodgman and Minister Guy Barnett had been humiliated by their own senior factional powerbroker.
“Senator Abetz has just destroyed the Hodgman Government energy policy,” Mr O’Byrne said.
“When Mr Abetz and Senator Jonathon Duniam visited the Executive Building in Hobart on Friday, were they briefing the Premier on the plan to blow up the NEG?
“All of the bluster of the last two months about the pending renewable energy investment has turned into utter humiliation.
“This is just more uncertainty for the energy sector. Investment is incredibly difficult in an uncertain regulatory environment.
“Everyday Tasmanians will not only continue to suffer high energy prices but so will future generations as there will be little to no action on addressing the impact of climate change.
“Are Will Hodgman and Guy Barnett still committed to pumped Hydro and the second interconnector?
“The Tasmanian energy sector benefits from Australian Government policies which support renewable energy. Senator Abetz has betrayed his state and his Liberal Party colleagues today.”
David O’Byrne MP Shadow Energy Minister