• Snow fell to around 300 metres today.
• Some windy conditions experienced early Sunday morning.
• Maximum gust strength was 122 km/h at Maatsuyker Island, followed by 119 km/h at Cape Grim and 98 km/h at Cape Sorell (all before sunrise).
• Several centres around the state recorded their lowest maximum temperatures today so far this year, including Hobart’s 9.0°C and Campania’s 8.4°C.
• Cold conditions will continue overnight, then warm slightly during the day, with some minima forecast to be the coldest so far this winter (e.g. 1° in Hobart). A Road Weather Alert warns of snow on elevated roads, and ice developing on susceptible roads overnight.
• Rain will extend statewide Monday morning, although only light about the east, then easing to showers and contracting to the west, far south and Bass Strait in the afternoon and evening.
• Early and late snow is forecast above 600 metres forecast for Monday, with snow generally restricted to the highest peaks during daylight hours
• The Minor Flood warning for the River Derwent continues.
• Warnings are updated six hourly at: www.bom.gov.au/tas/warnings/
Tim Bolden | Senior Forecaster Bureau of Meterology