The Hodgman Government is committed to working with the local government sector to make Tasmania the best place to live, work and raise a family. We recognise that councils need to work together to ensure they are delivering the best possible services to their communities at the lowest possible cost to rate-payers.
That’s why in 2016 we released a feasibility study into resource sharing and voluntary amalgamation among a number of councils in the south east of the State.
That study found that there were significant benefits that could be achieved through greater resource sharing and voluntary amalgamations.
Following the release of that study, in mid-2017 the Sorell and Tasman councils requested that I initiate a Local Government Board Review to further investigate how those two councils could work more cooperatively for the benefit of their respective communities. The Local Government Board began its review in late 2017.
The review has been completed and today, I am releasing the Local Government Board report which recommends that the Tasman and Sorell Councils should consider voluntary amalgamation.
I want to make it clear that the Government will not be forcing these two councils, or any other councils, to amalgamate. Forced amalgamations simply do not work. Sustainable change has to be driven by the community.
I would encourage the Sorell and Tasman communities to look at this report closely, to share their views and to discuss it with their respective councils.
This is a fantastic opportunity for these two communities to work closer together and to share the benefits.
The report is available here –
3 August 2018 Peter Gutwein, Minister for Local Government