After attending a meeting at the Hobart City Hall on the 2nd of August, it has only re confirmed my thoughts. This Tasmanian Government has no intention of advocating for upgrading rail in Tasmania.

The meeting touted to have “hundreds attending” on the news that evening was far from the case, with probably less than 100 people in attendance. Few questions were asked, and none of the questions emailed to the organisers was read or answered. It was nothing more than a “talk fest”, with little if no outcome.

T4T-Tasmanians 4 Tasmania would like to make our position clear for all to understand. We intend to return passenger rail to Tasmania and turn Macquarie Point into a Public Transport Hub that will facilitate the use of trains, trams and buses. We will re-introduce Trams into inner city Hobart, and will enter into talks with the Lord Mayor of Launceston to see the viability of running a limited tram system in Launceston as well. This will be of benefit to ALL Tasmanians, not just a few. It will provide employment for Tasmanian people for many decades to come, provide unprecedented business opportunities for a myriad of businesses including, local shops and suppliers, construction, transport, administration and Heritage Rail Tours operating throughout the State with the Heritage Rail Groups that exist in Tasmania( Don River, Derwent Valley, North East Rail etc).

Our Rail Heritage Groups have given invaluable service to the preservation of our rail history, and we should be proud of it, and be prepared to support and sustain it. Rail is the best mover of people and freight in mass, and the Tasmanian people deserve to have rail transport available to them. Treasurer Peter Gutwein was happy to say that Tasmanian people used private vehicles more than public transport. This is mainly because we don’t have an adequate public transport system which his Government seems little interest in.

With an aging population, our elderly rely more on public transport than ever and it’s time Tasmanian people received the same amount of Federal funding for Rail that the rest of Australia seems to enjoy, but then again, no successive Tasmanian Governments have lobbied the Federal Government for funding for Tasmanian Rail projects, despite Malcolm Turnbull pledging 10 Billion to the rail link between Melbourne and Brisbane, and 5 Billion to the underground rail extension from Tullamarine to Melbourne.

Please explain this Mr. Hodgman …
Rob Newitt T4T-Tasmanians 4 Tasmania Moonah