To all Federal MPs and Senators,

Re: The upcoming vote on legislation in both Houses to phase out live sheep exports.

I join the overall 3 out of 4 Australians, and empathise with the 7 out of 10 in rural/country areas who all want live exports to end.

I join the growing global movement of millions who want live exports to end.

I am deeply grateful to the increasing number of politicians of all persuasions, federal and state, who have taken a public stand against live sheep export, and to those federally who will be voting yes to legislation in both Houses to end this cruelty.

If you are not one of them you still must know, in your heart-of-hearts, that ending this trade is the right and decent thing to do.

Economically, “Live sheep exports don’t feed Australians – They feed the profits of big international companies whose business model is built on animal suffering.” – RSPCA Australia, 08.08.18

Replacing the live trade with Australia’s existing and expanding meat-only trade, would not only spare millions of animals from extreme suffering on ships and a barbarically cruel fate at their destination.
According to financial studies (e.g. Pegasus Economics), sheep farmers and the Australian economy would be better off replacing the trade with processing on shore.

But, “This is not an issue of economics – it is so much greater than that. It is a test of our humanity – as individuals and as a nation.” – Sussan Ley MP, 21.05018

I urge you, please, to support the legislation that will provide a more certain future for Australian farmers, and bring an end to some of the worst animal cruelty the world has seen.

Source: Animals Australia
This sheep was still alive when the photo was taken. They can take agonising days to die …

Yours faithfully,
Cheryl Forrest-Smith
Cheryl Forrest-Smith, Mona Vale