Agriculture Minister, David Littleproud, “shocked and gutted” one day, travelling to the Middle East as salesman for the dying live export trade the next.

(‘Minister demands stranded sheep exported’ – July 31), – And to the Middle East during the deadliest month (August).

Malcolm Turnbull no better – Urging Prime Minister Netanyahu to ‘reconsider’ the Israeli government’s humane and compassionate Bill to ban live imports.

This is an industry who has deliberately subjected animals to egregious cruelty for decades.

Malcolm Turnbull and David Littleproud know all of this.

For them to continue to promote an industry whose business model is built entirely on animal suffering to make it financially viable, makes them equally culpable of some of the worst animal cruelty the world has seen.

Agriculture Minister Littleproud urged to meet WA live sheep exporters

Cheryl Forrest-Smith Mona Vale, NSW