• Labor willing to work with Government on new, tougher legislation
• Police and legal communities find flaws in Liberals’ political legislation
• Flawed legislation does not even mention bikies or drug dealing
Labor stands ready to work with the Liberals to fix issues with their insignia legislation that have now been widely acknowledged.
It is a lie for the Liberals to suggest Labor does not support laws to crack down on organized crime. We want legislation that targets organized crime, while avoiding unintended consequences.
Labor endorses calls from Tasmanian Police Association acting President Gavin Cashion for the Government to work to resolve issues with the legislation.
“So I think both parties need to get together, work out what the problem is with it, fix it and let’s get it moving…
And I must say that I probably share some of those concerns, that there are a few things in this draft that need tweaking and fine tuning…
“Some of the things around definitions. There’s not a lot of definitions in this particular piece…
“Definitions in relation to what is a serious criminal offence and also a relevant offence probably need some fine tuning.”

Shadow Minister for Police Shane Broad said: “Labor calls on the Government to take a constructive, broad approach to tackling organised crime.
“This legislation does not even mention bikies or drug dealing. As the Police Association says it also doesn’t define which serious offences it’s written to address.
“The Attorney General, who had to fill in for the missing Police Minister Michael Ferguson yesterday, had obviously not read the full legislation.
“Identified organisations just need to be tabled by Michael Ferguson, not go through both houses of Parliament.
“It’s time for the Government to listen to important stakeholders, and work with Labor to put forward legislation that can tackle all elements of organised crime.”
Shane Broad MP Shadow Minister for Police