• Gutwein needs to explain where the money has gone
• Treasurer spent two years fighting TasWater rather than finding solutions
• No masterplan, no timelines, no long-term vision
The confusing mess that has now evolved around the Macquarie Point redevelopment sums up the Liberal Government’s hands off, visionless approach to key issues facing Tasmania.
Shadow Infrastructure Minister David O’Byrne said with the release of yet another plan today – this one by the tourism industry – it was now perfectly clear there was no master plan, no timeline for development and nothing more than spin from the Hodgman Liberal Government and Treasurer Peter Gutwein.
“What has happened over the last four years is that Peter Gutwein spent more time focused on waging a war with TasWater than he did on finding solutions to critical issues like moving the Macquarie Point sewerage plant,” Mr O’Byrne said.
“Of the $45 million allocated to the Mac Point precinct, the government now has less than $30 million left and what has been achieved by spending more than $15 million?
“The only thing Mr Gutwein seems to be successful at is spending taxpayers’ money.
“The project vision, timelines and investment opportunities are now utterly unclear and the government is saying it needs to pass legislation to give investors certainty around the project.
“The lack of leadership and vision from the Government on Macquarie Point has led to the situation where the tourism industry now feels like the only way to get something happening is to start commissioning a vision itself. The government also needs to be clear about its overall vision for Sullivans Cove.
“The government and Mr Gutwein need to provide a definitive update to business and the community about what is actually happening.
“Over the last four years they have created a leadership vacuum, which has created confusion and disenchantment with what should be the greatest opportunity in a century for our city”
David O’Byrne MP Shadow Infrastructure Minister