Labor’s conspiracy theories are now bordering on the deranged. Just because they repeat their lies on a daily basis does not make them true.
Today, we have again witnessed the indisputable fact that Labor is happy to lie to Tasmanians on a daily basis, on any issue, to score a cheap headline.
FACT: Labor’s claims that the Government has influenced the employment status of Ms Williamson are baseless and without evidence, as confirmed by Cricket Tasmania this morning.
FACT: Today I am in Alice Springs advancing Tasmania’s interest at the scheduled COAG Health Council meeting. If Ms Lovell wasn’t so busy peddling conspiracy theories and actually understood the Health portfolio, she would have been aware of this.
Tasmanians aren’t fooled easily. They know Labor has a shameful track record of resorting to personal attacks and false claims to try and trash reputations and damage the Government.
It’s clear that Rebecca White and Sarah Lovell are intent on remaining an honesty free zone.

Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health