The Greens have once displayed rank hypocrisy over our sensible plan to address the problem of growing fallow deer numbers in World Heritage Areas and National Parks.
The establishment of the new Tasmanian Game Council, conducting a census of deer numbers and managing the deer population is entirely consistent with the recommendations from recent Legislative Council Inquiry:
“Eradicate deer populations in Word Heritage and other areas classified as conservation land and consideration given to recreational hunters as a resource.’’
Even the darkest Green of them all Bob Brown agrees with our approach.
In November 2016 Dr Brown told the ABC that he had changed his mind about helicopter culling.
Talking about recreational hunters Dr Brown said: “They’ve got a lot of experience and felt that culling deer at ground level would be a more effective way,’’ he said.
“It did prove effective in maintaining numbers, reducing numbers in New Zealand once they get into forest country. I think all of those options need to be looked at,’’ Dr Brown told the ABC.
In their desperation to attack lawful recreational shooters and play politics, the Greens conveniently ignore facts and common sense, and a balanced approach to protect our sensitive environmental natural areas.
Sarah Courtney, Minister for Primary Industries and Water