• Tasmanian professionals already among lowest earners in the country
• Treasurer determined to further slash wages
• Nurses, teachers and other frontline workers will receive wage cut
The Hodgman Liberal Government is determined to enforce a wages cut on its public sector workforce with its unfair and unreasonable two per cent annual pay increase.
Labor Leader of Opposition Business David O’Byrne said by Treasurer Peter Gutwein’s own predictions, nurses, teachers and other public servants will be worse off under this proposal.
“Peter Gutwein has finally stopped making the false claim that the average public servant earns $110,000 a year because the fact is they don’t,” Mr O’Byrne said.
“Peter Gutwein’s own Consumer Price Index (CPI) predictions in his budget show CPI increasing by 2.25 per cent every year so every Tasmanian worker subject to this deal will receive a real wage cut.
“A young Tasmanian nurse is paid the lowest nursing wage in the country at just over $50,000 a year – the Treasurer is proposing to give that nurse a real wage cut.
“Is it any wonder our health system is so broken when young nurses are being treated like this?
“A highly skilled, experienced Tasmanian teacher earning $85,000 is among the lower paid educational professional for their level of qualification.
“Tasmanians earn – on average – over $10,000 less each year than the average worker on the mainland.
“Why is Peter Gutwein determined to take wages further backward?
“The Treasurer and the Premier should be sitting down and negotiating in good faith, not trying to enforce this unfair deal.”

David O’Byrne MP Leader of Opposition Business 3 August 2018