• Hodgman has four versions of what happened in Martin Haley scandal
• Premier needs to justify $45,000 taxpayer-funded golden handshake
• Hodgman should admit he rewarded bad behaviour

Premier Hodgman needs to decide which version of events involving the Martine Haley golden handshake saga is the truth.

March 6 (statement): “Today I have accepted the resignation of Martine Haley, a Senior Adviser in my office. Ms Haley offered her resignation following an inappropriate email she sent, which I have made clear was totally unacceptable.”

June 25 (Parliamentary Estimates Committee): “There was a staff member who was discovered had behaved inappropriately with respect to the use of social media during the election campaign but that was isolated incident. The staff member concerned had made an important contribution to government over many years but her contract was not renewed following the state election.”

Yesterday (Parliament): “There is no doubt Ms Haley was prepared to resign, offered her resignation, but her contract was not renewed. That is why her employment terminated as I have told you …”

Today (Parliament): “Ms Haley received the entitlements under her contract which was not renewed. I spoke to Ms Haley on 6 March. At which point she informed me of her intention to resign and not seek a new contract. I accepted this as it accorded with my view that she not be offered a new contract due to her actions.”

Labor Leader Rebecca White called on Premier Hodgman to explain exactly why he did not accept Ms Haley’s resignation.

Ms White said the Premier needs to justify the $45,000 taxpayer-funded golden handshake Ms Haley received.

“There are four versions of the truth according to Premier Hodgman,” Ms White said.

“He needs to stop with the stories, and admit that he rewarded Ms Haley’s disgraceful behaviour by giving her a $45,000 taxpayer-funded golden handshake.”
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader