• Health Minister’s undercooked $1.5 million for EDs much too little, much too late
• Michael Ferguson fully aware of historic pressure on hospitals but can’t be taken seriously with lack of funding
• Premier needs to find a Minister who wants to address health crisis
Michael Ferguson has provided comprehensive proof of why he cannot remain in the Health Minister’s job after today’s pitiful response to the crisis in Emergency Departments at Tasmania’s two major hospitals.
Shadow Health Minister Sarah Lovell said Michael Ferguson just cannot be taken seriously on adequately funding hospitals with his announcement of just $1.5 million over the next six months which he claims will “immediately relieve pressure”.
“It actually defies belief that Michael Ferguson would be attempting to convince Tasmanians that this woefully inadequate funding will go anywhere near fixing the crisis in our Emergency Departments,” Ms Lovell said.
“Michael Ferguson has had four years to come up with a solution, he has ignored the increasing pleas for help at the LGH over the past month and he tricked Tasmanians with his claim of $757 million for health during the election campaign when in truth, barely half of that funding will be delivered over the next four years.
“What Michael Ferguson has done today is announce this funding will be used over the next six months to address the hospitals crisis but he will not or cannot say with any level of detail how it will actually relieve pressure – or what will happen after six months.
“He knows it is completely inadequate, hospital staff know it is completely inadequate and Premier Hodgman knows it doesn’t even qualify as a band aid measure from a Health Minister who doesn’t care, refuses to act and needs to go.”
Sarah Lovell MLC Shadow Health and Preventative Health Minister