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Devonport Regional Gallery: Kelly Slater’s Mersey Bluff

Kelly Slater’s Mersey Bluff: The marks that make the place to be final exhibition in Little Gallery Project Space

The Little Gallery Project Space

Opening: Friday 24 August at 6pm
Artist Talk: Saturday 29 September, 2-3pm with Kelly Slater, Julie Gough and Dave mangenner Gough
Exhibition Dates: 25 August – 30 September 2018

Kelly Slater’s Mersey Bluff: The marks that make the place is the last exhibition to be presented in the Little Gallery Project Space before the Devonport Regional Gallery relocates to the old Courthouse building, at the paranaple arts centre.

Kelly grew up in New Zealand and lived in Western Australia and the Northern Territory before coming to Tasmania.

Kelly trained in both traditional film and contemporary digital photography and describes herself as a photographer of people and place. She is currently working as an event photographer in North-West Tasmania, volunteering her skills at local heritage organisations and art practice exploring human connection to place.

“My personal work explores local heritage themes and the natural environment.

Through my time spent exploring Mersey Bluff, I have begun to understand how inevitable it is that humans mark the landscapes they inhabit,’’ Kelly said.

“Shallow or deep, the imprint of human activity can be seen across the surfaces of Mersey Bluff. Permanent or ephemeral, the marks, structures and spaces that have developed, reflect how strongly people have been drawn to this place.

“Each person will make their own connections to a place, influenced by the things that they
see, hear and experience, and the things they remember and imagine. Every time I go to
Mersey Bluff my experience is different, the landscape and the sense of place is always

Kelly said that sometimes she felt content and curious about the things that she saw and
experienced while at other times she felt distressed and sad.

“I hope people will view these images and consider the legacy of the marks we as a
community leave on this place and how they will be experienced by generations to come. ‘’

“We belong to this earth. We leave our experiences in the land; it is the layers of experiences
both natural and constructed, which create places.’’

Kelly has also paid tribute to the Six Rivers Aboriginal Corporation Board and community
members, Bass Strait Maritime Centre volunteers and staff and Ellie Ray, the former Director of
the Devonport Regional Gallery, who she said had provided their support and time as she
explored the Mersey Bluff and developed the body of work.

The Little Gallery Project Space is available to emerging and early career contemporary
Tasmanian artists and promotes experimentation in 2D and 3D art, critical thinking and
engaging concepts.
Devonport Regional Gallery

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