Monday’s city planning meeting will consider the recommendations of the Leigh Woolley’s report on the rationale of imposing absolute height limits in the CBD of Hobart. The council’s officers had made recommendations for possible changes (amendments) to the planning scheme. The committee will have to endorse these changes before being considered by the full council.

Chairman of the City Planning Alderman Jeff Briscoe believes that the planning report is the most significant planning document that has come before the Council and will shape the future skyline and development of the city for decades to come.

“The people of Hobart appreciate the low rise nature of our city”

“Our city has developed organically and much of our heritage has been retained. It gives us a competitive advantage compared with the mainland mega cities.”

“This is the first time that our planning scheme have an absolute height limit where no building will be able to exceed”

“Architect Leigh Woolley in his comprehensive report has identified the key sight lines and superimposed height planes given the topology of our beautiful landscape

” Sight lines include the view to the mountain range behind the city, the harbor and heritage views of icons like St Georges Church”.

To protect these, certain zones of the CBD have been determined to require height limits. The officers of Council have translated them into height limits that range from a maximum 60metres in the inner core.

“In my view these important potential changes should involve considerable engagement with the people of Hobart”

“Whilst the officers have suggested a consultation period of one month, the committee, I am sure will extend it if necessary to allow the public to have plenty of time to comment”

“If the recommendations are endorsed finally by the Tasmanian Planning Commission it will give certainty to developers and the city will be known, in my view as the people’s city – a low rise people friendly city.”
Jeff Briscoe BSc (Hons) Dip Ed M.Hum LLB(Hons) Chairman City Planning Committee HCC Teacher Rosny College