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• A cold front brings a cooler southwesterly change over Tasmania during Sunday afternoon and
evening that tends more southerly on Monday.
• Showers in the west Sunday extend statewide in the afternoon and evening, with possible small
hail later Sunday, persisting through Monday as showers contract to the west, south and east.
Showers contract further to just the south and east coasts on Tuesday.
• The coldest air arrives overnight Sunday into Monday, bringing snowfalls to around 300 metres,
and as low as 200 metres in the far southwest. Snowfalls continue into Monday to around 300
metres in the morning, gradually rising to above 500 metres during the day and lingering into
Tuesday to around 600 metres.
• Chilly mornings ahead with morning frost in most parts on Monday morning, becoming more
widespread on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.
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Luke Johnston, a/Senior Forecaster (TAS)