The COAG Energy Council has made substantial progress today agreeing to take the National Energy Guarantee to the next stage.
The Council has agreed to the release of the exposure draft of the National Electricity Law amendments that would implement the National Energy Guarantee following confirmation at a Tele-conference on 14 August.
In a win for Tasmania, the Energy Council also agreed to progress priority reviews on important projects such as Tasmania’s Battery of the Nation and further interconnection.
The review is been undertaken by the Energy Security Board and we look forward to working with the board on the review which is due in December.
This is an extremely pleasing and positive step forward for Tasmania and the nation.
This important step continues to build the case for increased interconnection and Tasmania’s position as the Battery of the Nation delivering clean, reliable and affordable electricity to Tasmanians and the nation.
However, I remain concerned that Labor will cower to the Greens. Tasmanian Labor’s failure to support the National Energy Guarantee is a slap in the face to all Tasmanians who stand to benefit from the nation-leading refo

Guy Barnett, Minister for Energy