Stephanie Tabram’s work captures the essence of Tasmania’s distinctive and picturesque rural landscapes. Tabram’s detailed paintings are deeply personal and reveal both keen observations and memories of the artist’s current and past life in other rural locations.

Tabram says of this series of work, “I grew up on farms similar to the properties out here. I have waited for school buses on similar roads, powder fine road dust settling on my shoes. A lifetime later I can still feel the anticipation, every vehicle brings speculation- where are you going and why.”

Born in the United Kingdom, Stephanie Tabram moved to Australia with her family at a young age. Having studied art during the late 1980’s in Sydney, she now chooses to live just outside of Hobart, her paintings capturing the quieter, slower lifestyle this island inspires. Tasmania’s unique light is signature to the haunting landscapes she creates and the direct gaze from either her beloved Shetland pony or her collection of jersey cows allows you to understand just why she is so well regarded and so highly sort after.

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