The following may be used as direct quotes from Ms Kym Goodes, CEO, TasCOSS:

• Balancing the Tasmanians’ needs around secure and safe housing with the effects of the short stay rental market on availability in our State is essential.

• This legislation will ensure compliance is achieved and in doing so, local government will have the data to enable a detailed understanding through the issuing of permits. We will then know where displacement of local people may be occurring and take corrective action. It enables the $125 million Affordable Housing Strategy to be targeted in communities where displacement may have occurred.

• While this approach will take some time to implement, it is the right solution to ensure long term and ongoing monitoring of hot spots in conjunction with compliance.

• It is critical that the legislation puts the needs of Tasmanian citizens ahead of the needs of large corporations.
• Successful corporate citizens maximise positive outcomes for the places where they set up shop. Tasmanians have welcomed the short stay market and deserve to be treated with respect in return.
Nic McBride Manager Communications & Advocacy TasCOSS