This week in the Legislative Council I will move a motion, calling on the Anglican Church to consider the concerns of the community regarding its decision to sell 109 properties across the State.
Community members are rightly asking questions about the proposed sale of their local churches and I urge the Anglican Church to listen to these concerns.
While I support the Church’s decision to participate in the national Redress Scheme, I cannot ignore the views of my community.
I look forward to the debate this week on what is a significant issue for regional Tasmania
My full motion is as follows:
Ms Howlett to move – That the Legislative Council
(1) Commends the Anglican Church for their decision to participate in the National Redress Scheme.
(2) Notes that the Anglican Church intends to fund their participation by the sale of 109 properties across the state.
(3) Notes the concerns raised in regards to the potential adverse impacts of this decision on local communities.
(4) Calls on the Anglican Church to consider these concerns, and to assess the suitability of adopting alternative funding methods, such as selling their commercial properties, or borrowing against the properties proposed for sale.
Jane Howlett, Member for Prosser