Zeb: A GENDER ODYSSEY is a new Tasmania Performs production, written and performed by trans, queer artist Zeb Direen. With policy change on the horizon as the Department of Justice reviews the Births, Deaths and Marriages Act in response to calls from the transgender community for proper recognition, and attention in the international media as Scarlett Johanssen is cast in a trans role, there’s no better time to highlight the work being done by trans and non-binary artists.

Zeb says: “I’ve wanted to do this show for quite a while but now it’s happening because I’ve actually got the backing to make it a show rather than just me showing up to some pub, singing a few songs and then saying ‘gender is fucked’ I can actually make this something that a broader audience will come and watch”

Zeb says of their hopes for takeaways from Zeb: A Gender Odyssey: “there’s these things all around them going ‘this is what I can do to help’ or ‘this is how I can be more aware of things’ or that there is hope for the future”

Zeb says of Tasmania growing up trans in Tassie: “It was essentially nothing. It was going to the gay club. And being gay and being trans are two completely different things… it was hard to voice things that were problems because there wasn’t that understanding or even at times that willingness to understand. But now I believe and I have seen that that is changing. Safe Schools for example, and Working It Out, also, very good. More of that please, Mr. Prime Minister”

14 Weld Street, South Hobart 7004

Tasmania Performs is an initiative of Arts Tasmania managed by Performing Lines Ltd.
Zeb Direen: Writer & performer
Philip Channells: Director
Amanda Hodder: Musical director & accompanist
Jill Munro: Set & costume design
Andrew “Ghost” McDonald: Lighting designer
Peter Matheson: Dramaturg
Julie Waddington Associate Producer | Tasmania Performs