I submit that ALL donations to any candidate, political party or politically engaged group seeking to influence voter decisions in any Tasmanian election should be legally required to post all donations received, both monetary and “in kind”, in real time, to a dedicated, public online website run by the electoral commission.

I further submit that the penalty for failure to post any and all donations, monetary or “in kind” to this site should consist of both financial penalties for the individuals responsible and the organisation (if applicable), and the withdrawal of the right of the individual and organisation (if applicable) to participate in any future electoral activity for the next 5 elections in any Tasmanian jurisdiction. ie if caught during a council election the perpetrator is inelligible to participate in local govt and state elections.

The voting public are entitled to know who the candidates are being influenced by and to what degree, and to whom any candidate owes a debt of gratitude. The role of an elected representative is to represent their constituents and those constituents have the inalienable right to know whether their representative has a conflicted interest in that role, and to what extent, if any, that conflicted interest might imperil the constituent’s representation.

Our political; representatives have disgraced themselves as evident in poll after poll testing their standing in public opinion. Their conflicted interest is clear to anyone caring to glance at their actions and it is placing the common goods on which all communities rely in jeopardy. Unfortunately any legislation resulting from this review will require the support of conflicted elected representatives to be passed into law and this reality renders this entire exercise farcical. Such is the nature of modern politics.


Simon Warriner
Simon Warriner, Yolla TAS 7325